Pre and After-Sales Services


When supplying a new machine or plant, Technical Department of ABL Automazione is always at Customer's disposal, from the preliminary analysis to the after-sale service.

Since the first evaluation of the Customer's requirements, all the details are deeply analyzed and it is made a feasibility study, looking for the solutions that provide the best compromise between the technical, economical and qualitative needs.

The preliminary analysis ends with the drafting of the first project, that is then discussed, updated and discussed again, until a totally satisfying solution is found.

During the assembly of the machine the Customer is constantly updated about the working progress until the pre-acceptance test, that is carried out c/o our premises and it allows to verify the full compliance of the machine to the project requirements.

Then the machine is installed at Customer's premises; in the meantime it is also carried out the training to both the Production and Maintenance personnel.

Last but not least, the after-sale service is supported by the local diagnostic system, provided with all our machines, and from the teleservice, that can work through modem or factory network.


Project and Design

3D drawing of a rotary table with robot

ABL Automazione is totally autonomous in designing and assembling its machines and plants, whereas it is supported by a network of selected mechanical workshops, able to ensure high quality standards and quick response time, as far as the single components are concerned.

During the Project & Design phase it is paid particular attention to keep the full integration between the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic parts: this aspect is fundamental in order to guarantee the development of an harmonious project, avoiding those incongruities that otherwise have to be corrected when the machine is already assembled, so bringing on a decay of the general quality.


Download Area

To guarantee to all its Customers a constant documentary support, ABL Automazione makes available an hosting server (protected by username and password) through which they can access to any kind of documentation related to their machines: manuals, schemes, drawings and lists of wear parts, always updated.

This service may also be used for the exchange of large files without the usual limitations to the size of the attachments, to which the e-mail is subjected.



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