Test Systems

Leak and Flow Rate Test Station for LPG Pressure Regulators

Stazione per il collaudo tenuta di riduttori di pressione per bombole gas

The station is part of an assembly line for the pressure regulators normally mounted over the LPG bottles for domestic use.

On a 4-stations rotary table are carried out, one after the other, two leak tests (with sensitivity in the range of cc/h) and one flow rate test.

Regulators are automatically moved from the main line to the rotary table, and vice versa, by the means of a pneumatic manipulator. In order to maintain the production rate of one piece every 12 seconds, two regulators at a time are tested.

Helium Leak Test Station for Gas Meters

Stazione di collaudo tenuta in elio per contatori gas

This station is installed at the end of a production line for residential gas meters and it is made by a 2-positions rotary table, one for loading/unloading and the other one for the test.

The test is made with the technique of the trace gas detection under vacuum chamber, that is the most accurate leak test technology used in industrial applications and provides sensitivity in the range of 10-6 mbar l/s and higher.

Two gas meters at a time are tested and the production rate is 360 pcs/h.

Leak and Flow Rate Test Station for Gas Taps

Stazione di collaudo tenuta e portata per rubinetti gas

This station is installed within an automatic assembly line for gas taps (to be used on domestic gas cookers) having a cycle time of 5 seconds. It is made by a 4-positions rotary table and it works on 3 gas taps at a time, being already prearranged for a fourth one.

Leak test is made in accordance with the specific norms related to such product, which state that the leakage must be measured as a flow (and not as a pressure decay) expressed in cc/h.

The flow rate test verifies both the higher and lower flow, and the adjusting of the tap in the "Max" and "Min" position is automatic.

Multiple Leak Test Station for Fuel Filters

Stazione multipla di collaudo tenuta filtri benzina

In this case the station is installed within an assembly line for fuel filters having a production rate of 2.400 pcs/h, so it has been necessary to apply a multiple test system that works on 6 filters at a time.

The leak test is made with the technique of the pressure rise measure under bell and the detected pressure variations are in the range of few Pascal.

Main feature of the machine is the whole pneumatic circuit that, in order to guarantee the perfect efficiency under any climatic condition (the machine is installed in South America), has been completely redesigned and properly configured.

Leak Test Station for Water Pumps

Stazione di collaudo tenuta pompe acqua

This station carries out the leak test of an automotive water pump and is part of a semi-automatic assembly and test cell having a cycle time of about 30 seconds (variable according to the various models of the pump).

The system uses the technique of the pressure decay measurement and the reject threshold is in the range of cc/min.

The test fixture is interchangeable and it is connected to the test bench by the means of quick fittings, so allowing to reduce at the minimum the changeover time

Computerized Flow Rate Test Station for Water Meters

Stazione multipla di collaudo portata computerizzataThis multiple test station is aimed to carry out a flow rate test on water meters, controlling the accuracy and efficiency of the metering system and storing the test results in order to guarantee historical traceability.

Due to the high complexity of the test and to the need of testing 100% of the production, when coming out from the assembly line the pallets are codified with a radio-frequency system that allows to identify each one of them during the various phases of the test.

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