Rotary Table Machines

Pre-Assembly Cell for Shower Enclosures

Pre-Assembly Cell for Shower EnclosuresIn this case the machine carries out the preliminary assembly of those parts that will be then used to assemble a shower enclosure.

Main feature of the machine is the high flexibility that makes possible to work on many different configurations of the parts.

The process is made by a drilling with quote control and an automatic screwing of the parts. Each group is completed in 18 seconds.

Window Winders Assembly Machine

Window Winders Assembly MachineThis machine carries out the automatic assembly of mechanical guides for electric window winders, which are nowadays a standard equipment for all cars.

It is made by a rotary table with 8 stations, fed by an automatic storage system for the biggest part of the guide, and by vibrators for all the remaining small pieces (screws, pulleys, swivels and so on).

Supports for the parts are twin (two guides at a time are processed) and can be easily removed to adapt the machine to the different product types. The finished parts are placed over an evacuating belt.

Cycle time of the machine is 10 seconds and the production rate is 720 pcs/h.

Assembly Machine for Windows Opening Mechanisms

Assembly machine for windows opening mechanisms

The machine performs the assembly of the 14 parts that compose the finished product within a cycle time of 6 seconds

It is made by three rotary tables joined by the means of linear tranfers, an evacuating belt for the finished products and a robot for palletizing one of the components.

The complete process consists of 29 operations and it is totally automatic, the operator is only required to keep the machine constantly fed with the parts.

Hydraulic Valves Assembly Machine

Hydraulic Valves Assembly Machine

The machine is made by a rotary table with 10 stations and carries out the automatic assembly of 4 different types of hydraulic check-valves.

All the stations are fed by automatic feeders and the machine does not require the presence of the operator while working.

Cycle time is 20 seconds.

Semi-Automatic Cell for Water Pumps Assembly and Test

Semi-Automatic Cell for Water Pumps Assembly and TestThis cell is very well suited for the production of small batches of automotive water pumps.

The flexibility of use, due to the fast changeover time and the easy programming, does not affect the performance and the machine provides a production rate of 120 pcs/h with one operator only, maintaining meanwhile those high quality features that are present on the full-automatic lines.

The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by the test station, that performs the rotation test as well as the leak test.

Semi-Automatic Cell for Fuel Filters Assembly and Test

Semi-Automatic Cell for Fuel Filters Assembly and Test

The machine performs the assembly of the fuel filters, the leak test and the working test of the float switch. 

It is made by a 6-positions rotary table, with manual loading and unloading, joined to a robot for moving the filters from the table to the float switch test station and back.

Some pre-assembly operations are made by the operator when loading the parts, all the remaining others are automatic. The leak test is made with the technique of the pressure rise test under bell, the reject limit is in the range of cc/min.

Three filters at a time are processed and the production rate is 270 pcs/h.

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