Robotized Cells

Robotized Cell for Assembly of Shower Enclosures

Robotized cell for assembly of shower enclosuresThis robotized assembly line is made by 2 symmetrical sections that assemble the front and side panels of a 2-sides shower enclosure. The machine has a productivity of 380 shower enclosures per shift and needs to be attended by one operator.

The line is designed to automatically manage different sizes of the panels (4 widths and 2 heights) by the means of electric axis motorized with brushless motors. The acquisition of the working parameters is made by reading of the bar-code assigned to each production batch.

The line is able to manage, besides the different sizes, also the different types of panels (that can be made by glass or acrylic), adapting the dosing of the sylicone to the thickness of the panel. The process is completed by 4 screwing stations with torque and quote control.

Robotized Cell for Assembly of Water Pumps

Robotized cell for assembly of water pumpsThe entire process is composed by 13 operations, that allows to carry out the complete assembly, as well as the leak test and the laser marking, of an automotive water pump for engine cooling.

All the parts are fed to the machine by the means of automatic feeders, while the pick-and-place operations are made by pneumatic manipulators or by one of the three 6-axis robots that move the pumps, at the various stages of the process, from one station to the other.

Main features of the machine are the extremely precise pressing, made by electronic presses that guarantee accuracy in the range of hundredths of mm, and the screwings with controlled torque and quote.

Assembly Line for Tracked Wheels

Tracked wheels assembly lineThis complete assembly line carries out the automatic assembly of the tracked wheels used by earth-moving machines and similar vehicles. It is a good example of how the Automation and Robotic technologies can be applied to a process involving high-weight and big-size components.

Three 6-axis robots, with a payload of 350 kg at the wrist, are interlocked with the 15 operating stations, part of which are installed along a linear transfer with free pallets. The only manual operations are the pre-assembly of a support and the cleaning of a gasket.

The line, which provides a production rate of 30 pcs/h, includes the leak test and the oil filling.

Robotized Cell for Assembly of Doors for Commercial Refrigerators

Robotized cell for assembly of doors for commercial refrigerators The system carries out the automatic assembly of the glass doors for commercial refrigerators, having width up to 1.000 mm and height up to 2.000 mm.

It is made by two robots interlocked to a rotary table; both the feeding of the components and the evacuation of the finished products are automatic.

The process is composed by the loading and welding of the aluminium profiles, followed by the deposition and sealing of the glass over the frame.

Production rate is one piece per minute.

Robotized Cell for Assembly and Test of Methane Valves

Robotized cell for assembly of methane and LPG valvesThis system carries out the automatic assembly and leak test of high-pressure valves used on automotive methane feeding systems.

It is made by 8 assembly stations and 6 test stations, interlocked with two 6-axis robots. All the components are fed to the machine by the means of automatic feeders; the finished valves are stored on pallets that are automatically moved out through roller conveyors.

Main feature of the machine are the leak tests, which are made under bell at pressures up to 300 bar; some of them use the pressure variation technique, the others the trace gas technique.

Cycle time is 20 seconds.

Robotized Cell for Clinching of Filter's Housings

Robotized cell for clinching of filter's housingsThe system fixes the bracket to the housing of an automotive fuel filter through the operation of clinching.

It is composed by a press for the clinching and a 6-axis robot for handling of the filter; both the components and the finished products are stored on linear transfers with free pallets.

The machine can manage two different types of filters and the production rate is 150 pcs/h.

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