Linear Transfers

Ball Valves Assembly Line

Ball Valves Assembly Line

This production line carries out the automatic assembly of ball valves having size from 1/4" to 1", and two different types of handle. It is made by a sturdy frame with 10 operating stations, that supports a mechanical transfer line equipped with 55 free pallets.

Main features of the line are the wide use of motorized axis electronically controlled (that provides full programmability) and the location of all the automatic feeders on the same side of the machine (so that one single operator can easily attend to the entire line).

Production rate is 1.000 pcs/h

Gas Meters Assembly Line

Gas meters assembly line

This complete plant for the assembly of residential gas meters is installed in Eastern Europe ad is able to assemble 320 pcs/h, in full automatic mode.

The whole plant is made by 8 machines joined one to the other by the means of a pallet conveyor, designed and made by ABL, and an automatic warehouse for the storage of the gas meters during polymerization of the adhesive.

Main features of the machine are the robotized cell for the dosing of the adhesive, the multiple test stations and the screwing with torque and quote control.

Electric Fans Assembly Line

Electric fans assembly line

The line is capable to assemble 6 different types of  electric fan for the automotive sector.

It is made by a transfer line for free encoded pallets, with vertical return, and 9 automatic stations plus a manual station for the insertion of the electric wiring.

Main feature of the line are the traslation axis, realyzed by the means of brushless electric motors with close loop, that allows to minimize the changeover time.

Production rate is about 300 pcs/h

Fire Extinguisher's Valves Assembly Line

Fire extinguisher's valves assembly line

On this line are automatically assembled 10 different types of valves for powder fire extinguishers.

It is made by a linear transfer with free pallets and 29 automatic operating stations, some of which are located on rotary tables placed aside the main line.

Main features of the line are the multiple leak test station (technique of the pressure rise measurement under bell, resolution 1 Pa) and the artificial vision system, used to check the correct orientation as well as the good working of the pressure gauge that measures the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher.

Gas Taps Assembly Line

Gas Taps Assembly Line with Flow and Leak test

The line carries out the automatic assembly of 6 different types of taps for domestic gas cookers.

It is made by a transfer line with 36 bound pallets joined to a 4-positions rotary table, where are carried out the flow and leak tests (4 taps at a time are tested).

Along the 20 stations of the line it is made the assembly of the 12 components of the tap, with final marking and separate discharge of good and scrap pieces.

Production rate is 720 pcs/h

Water Meters Assembly Line

Water Meters Assembly Line

This full-automatic assembly line is able to assemble 3 different types of water meters. The operator who attends to the machine has the only task of refilling the automatic feeders and supervise the general good working.

The various operating phases involve the assembly of 10 components with a production rate of 300 pcs/h.


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