Our range of products is made by three main types of machine:

In most cases our plants are made by a combination of these three solutions, so providing extreme flexibility and allowing us to design complex plants able to fully meet the requirements.

On the operating stations, the use of intelligent programmable units makes possible to carry out operations like: 

  • Pick and place by the means of pneumatic or electronic axis
  • Pressing with precision in the range of hundredths of mm
  • Clinching, riveting, welding
  • Dosing of lubricants and sealants
  • Dosing of adhesives, both single and twice component, also hot
  • Screwing with torque, angle and quote control
  • O-ring insertion controlled by the means of artificial vision systems
  • Flow and leak test (with both air and helium)

and whatever is needed to ensure that the assembly process has been correctly carried out, making meanwhile the machine extremely flexible and quickly adaptable to the needs of the production.

Machines can be supervised by SCADA systems running on a local PC, that manages the information flow (production data, causal of breakdowns, etc) at "floor" level. In the bigger plants that flow can be re-addressed to the "plant supervisor" level for further elaboration.

Local PC can be equipped with various software "tools" like, for instance, the software package CURVE, that  allows the high-speed acquisition of the force-quote parameters and the display of these data with dynamic setting of the tolerance parameters over the entire measurement curve.

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