Within the continuous process of committing itself to its responsibilities, ABL Automazione has decided to promote the Chart of Values as a basic instrument to regulate both internal and external relationships of the Company. Therefore, ABL Automazione considers essential element the duty to act with transparency and respect towards employees, customers and suppliers, using role models inspired by principles of autonomy, integrity, ethics, and developing as a result coherent trade and industrial actions. So, the ethical behavior is not only assessed in terms of strict compliance with the law: for ABL Automazione, the concept of ethics is also based on a steadfast commitment to principles of integrity. Therefore, ABL Automazione undertakes:

  • to implement, and fully comply with, laws and employment contracts
  • to behave with justice towards its employees, encouraging their professional growth and ensure their safety at work
  • to take a fair and correct attitude towards customers, suppliers and competitors
  • to design and produce machines and plants considering the protection of the safety as a priority commitment
  • not to use for other purposes than those strictly related to the operational areas, the confidential information of the customers
  • not to use and/or copy intellectual properties of anyone else without specific authorization: in particular, not to use projects, trademarks, patents or any part thereof, whichever it is the medium they are provided or made available, unless expressly authorized
  • to act to support, assist and develop the territory to which it belongs, believing that there cannot be economic well-being without growth of companies and persons
  • to promote worldwide prestige and reputation of its Country

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