ABL Automazione begins its activity in 1995: thanks to the professional experience of the three founders, gained over 20  years of activity in the sector of the Industrial Automation, the Company is able to enter into the market since the beginning as qualified supplier of automatic assembly machines and lines.

Witnesses of the Company's growth are the constant increase of both the turnover and the number of employees, as well as the two changes of premises and the changeover of the corporate form.

Today, ABL Automazione is a Public Limited Company with a share capital of 750.000 € and operates within a structure with 3.000 sqm of covered area.

The workforce is composed by about 50 employees, 20 of them belonging to the Technical Department, 20 to the Production Department and the remaining to the Administration, Purchasing and Sales Departments.

The entire Project and Design phase is done by the means of the latest software applications, so ensuring the complete integration between all the parts of the project.

As both the design and the assembly of the machine are totally made within the Company, we are able to take complete responsibility about the efficiency of the machine and, meanwhile, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information and the preservation of the intellectual property of the Customer.

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